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At CCTV System NYC, we offer a full range of security camera systems designed to suit every need. Over the past few decades, CCTV systems have become increasingly popular as the technology has become more affordable. CCTV uses wireless or wired transmission to broadcast images from video cameras to your monitor and/or your recording devices. Today, you’ll find CCTV systems in just about every public building, and even in private homes.


There are many different kinds of CCTV cameras. They’re categorized according to the kinds of images they capture, how many frames they take per minute, how the camera is connected to the monitor or recording device, whether they’re moveable, and what specific functions they offer.

  • Types of Images: A CCTV camera will take images usually in both color and black and white. Some cameras even have the ability to record low light images – in other words, they have good night vision.
  • Frames Per Second: Most CCTV cameras can capture 30+ frames per second, but it’s much like having a car that can go 200 miles an hour – just because it can be done doesn’t mean it’s desirable. To record that many frames, the storage space needed would be enormous. Usually 1 frame per second is perfectly adequate – 6 tops.
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Cameras: These cameras allow the surveillance person to move the camera from a remote location, using a controller.

At CCTV System NYC, we can help you find the security camera that’s just right for your business or home. We can also repair your existing equipment.


CCTV System NYC – Buy. Install. Protect

Security cameras are an integral part of any complete security solution. Not only does their presence help deter criminals, their usage helps in their capture. Whether it is a simple CCTV camera or a complex IP security camera, each type offers its own level of protection. With many different companies, offering an even greater number of security cameras, where should you go?

Welcome to CCTV System NYC, your one-stop shop for everything on security cameras!

Security Camera NYC is different from your average security camera company. We do not merely sell, install, repair and maintain security camera systems; we make a commitment to your security and to a safer tomorrow.

At Security Cameras NYC, we give you the power to see when you cannot see, monitor when you cannot be there to monitor and protect when you are not there to protect.

With years of experience in the sale, installation, repair, maintenance and optimization of security cameras, we know how to protect you, your family and your business. Combined with the best prices and customer service, CCTV System NYC helps protect your home and business, one camera at a time.

We know that security cameras are of a paramount importance. In fact, according to a study by Community Orientated Policing Services (COPS), security cameras can help reduce crime by 58%. However, the study also suggested that it varies significantly on the placement, type of camera and the monitoring service. That is where we come in.

At CCTV System NYC, our team of security experts and technicians will not only install the security cameras for you, they will ensure that they are installed in optimum positions. This not only helps deter a greater number of burglars, but ensures you have the evidence you need to put them behind bars.

Helping you make the right choice at the right time, with the right advice!

Many of our customers come to us confused, particularly due to the mixed information they find floating on the internet. Our core values revolve around you and that is why we provide the right advice. By doing so, you stand satisfied in making the right decision and we find satisfaction in our continuing commitment to make the world a safer place.

Whether you require security cameras for your business or your home, Security Cameras NYC does it all. By working close to you and understanding your unique needs, we can ensure that we create unique security solutions that provide optimum security, without breaking the bank.

Whether you need security cameras installed, repaired or optimized, let CCTV System NYC help you. With years of experience, the best price in town, an expert team of technicians and a wide range of services, CCTV System NYC is the right choice.

Because at CCTV System NYC Seeing Is Protecting!

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