Security Camera Accessories

The type of accessories you need for your security camera depends on the type of connection. There are two basic connections: fixed cable and wireless.

A fixed cable connection simply means that the camera needs a cable to connect it to the monitor or the recording device. The coaxial cables used are similar to the ones that are used on home televisions, and they come in varying lengths (anywhere from 25 to 500 feet). As the distance between the camera and the monitor or recording device increases, the visual quality will decrease. For distances of more than 100 feet, RG59 coaxial cables are recommended. For distances over 600 feet, CAT5 cable is recommended.

Security Camera Accessories

Wireless cameras do not require cables.

Monitors, DVRs and VCRs (not much in use anymore) are also accessories that are needed to work along with your security camera. Monitoring without the use of a recording device is possible, but not advisable – the digital record of what happens in your home or business is essential if a crime should occur on the premises.

At CCTV System NYC, we can provide you with all the security camera accessories you require, and can also arrange for their installation and maintenance. We can also repair your existing accessories, or advise you on the purchase of new ones if they can’t be repaired.