Access Control

At CCTV System NYC, we are your access control specialists. When it’s important that you have full control over who has access to your building, there are a number of systems that are far more secure and cost-effective than key-based systems.

We can recommend and install an access control system that’s right for your business or home, and we can also maintain that system for you. Types of access control systems include:

Barcode Readers: This is a low-cost system whereby authorized people are provided with a keytag or ID card that has a barcode. A barcode reader installed in the door reads the barcode, and authorized personnel gain entry.

Magnetic CardMagnetic Cards: This is similar to the barcode card, but more information can be stored in a magnetic card, so it’s more secure.

Password: The person seeking entry types a password into a keypad, and if the password is recognized, then the person is permitted access. Passwords can be changed regularly.

Biometrics: This is as high-tech as it gets right now. Users gain access by having their fingerprint scanned in a door controller. It’s quick, reliable, and very secure.

Access Control System Information:

To discuss your access control system needs or to get a quote, give us a call at (212) 203-6276.

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